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12/03/21 Blog post: Thoughts

I recently received an editorial review from Independent Book Review (IBR). I was so nervous and a bit anxious after I submitted for it. The wait (6 weeks) was almost too unbearable to endure. When it was finished, however, It was amazing. They called Clifford's War, "A treat!" - "Memorable!" - "Like an action movie!" There were so many good blurbs in the review, it's difficult to choose the best. There was only one critical take-away: "...Doesn't always trust the reader to figure things out." I do not mind sharing the bad with the good. For me, I see much positive things from critical take-aways.

I see this as a way to improve my writing. I want to deliver an amazing product to the readers. I want to share a great story and something that you put down and say "Woah! That was really good." Since this review was 95% positive, it gave me the confidence to submit to more reviews and two book contests. I should receive another review in the coming weeks and another in early January. Clifford's War will be judged in February in it's first contest and again in Dec-2022 for it's second contest. I am filled with both excitement and anxiety. Although this is my second publication, this book is my beginning. It's my first novel, so I consider it my baby.

As I continue to write the sequel, I must keep in mind the lessons learned and polish the story so I can deliver a sequel that not only complements the first, but is worthy enough to be it's part2.

The reader reviews, so far, have been all positive, so I must thank you with all of my heart. If you have yet to leave a review, please take a few minutes to submit one.

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