Clifford's Back! August 26th

It's finally here! Well.....Sorta. The release date is August 26th, so get ready!

Clifford's War: Without End has been added to the store, and available for pre-order, but it will not be shipped until after August 26th.

I cannot wait to get my copies of the book and feel it in my hands! That is when it becomes real to me. Writing it, working with the publishing team at Palmetto, doing the reviews, picking the cover art, doing the's all a huge and exciting part of the process. But, nothing beats having the book in your hands. Feeling the cover, flipping through the pages, and the smell! The smell of a freshly pressed book is wonderful!

In a few short weeks, you will be able to continue with Dee, Bailey, Sara, and Daniel on their new journey in the DC metro area!

No spoilers...But I will leave you with this: When you are reading, just remember to breathe!

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