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Clifford's War: Without End

FINALIST: 2023 BOTY BestThrillers.

In this action-packed, twisty, and fast-paced continuation of the Clifford's War thriller series, private investigator Clifford Dee moves his team to Northern Virginia to work with his former Army commander, Doyle Hamilton, in Washington D.C.

Doyle was chosen to run in a special election to fill the office of a murdered U.S. Senator. To qualify, he must step down from his command. He hands the division over to a former military rival of Clifford's, Kevin Burr, who spitefully shuts Clifford out of work.
While his teammate, Bailey, takes on a minor copyright case, they uncover connections between a government department that Burr used to run and a famous rap artist, Dark Fenix, who was about to tour overseas as a cover to smuggle weapons into Africa for Burr.
Things become worse when they find a connection between Burr and a ring of assassins for hire, and disclose this to Doyle. Dee's team must now work with Special Agent Sims of the FBI to continue investigating the weapons dealing, find who is running the assassins, and dig up evidence to incriminate Burr, all without getting killed. 

Fans of action thrillers and crime suspense like the TV series Burn Notice will surely enjoy this mile-a-minute story of government conspiracy, car chases, lethal encounters, and humorous situations.


  • "chock-full of unanticipated twists and turns, suspense, and just enough humor!"
    -Independent Book Review 


  • "A well crafted, fast-paced action thriller blending detective, espionage, and political genres."


  • "'ll have you gripped and guessing until the end!"
    -Independent Book Review


  • "...strong pacing and clever revelations"
    - Booklife 


  • "An action-packed, page-turning crime thriller with surprises at every turn!
    - Independent Book Review

  • "...Reed crafts another gripping and fast-paced crime-and-intelligence thriller." 


  • "...Reed has created a cast that is a blast to spend time with" 
    - Best Thrillers


  • "Reed is back with another smashing, mysterious thriller!" 
    -Independent Book Review


  •  "...complex and surprising—yet still believable—nexus of criminal activities." 


  • "An irreverent comedic thriller that combines a high-octane plot with regular doses of levity."
    - BestThrillers



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