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Read the Editorial reviews of author J. Denison Reed's writing

Clifford's War: The Bluegrass Battleground
Award: 2021 Online book club Book of the Year for C/T/M/H 2 

Clifford Dee, Bailey, Sara, Dan Clifford's War Bluegrass Battleground

Independent Book Review (Kathy L. Brown)

"...much like an action movie!"

"Lots of dark humor among the cast of unique characters make Clifford's War a treat!"​

"...the supporting cast seems real, and each character is memorable!"

Full review here:
Independent Book Review


The Indies Today (R.C. Gibson)

" edge-of-your-seat thrill ride!"

" graphic and realistic, you’ll smell the tang of blood and flinch at the crack of gunshots."

"...wonderfully violent book!"

Full review here:

Indies Today

Reedsy Discovery (Matthew Lloyd):


" immersive story that will keep you turning page after page."

"...this is one of the better books that I have reviewed on Reedsy."

"...Excellent book that has a great storyline and detailed descriptions that put you in the middle of the action."

Full review here:
Reedsy Discovery

OnlineBookClub (Reviewer: Theresa M) 

"...unexpected twists that kept me guessing until the end!"

"...a suspenseful and engaging novel that is difficult to put down!"

"...a fast-paced thriller!"

Full review here: 

Booklife (Reviewer: Unnamed):

", hard-edged thriller!" 
"...powered by thrills!"
"Crime thriller fans...will fin
d this a winning choice!"


Full review here:


Clifford's War: Without End




Independent Book Review (Toni Alo)

" J. Denison Reed is back with another smashing, mysterious thriller!"
"The author’s careful attention to detail...sets it apart from the pack!"

"’ll have you gripped and guessing until the end!"

Read the full review here:
Independent Book Review



"...Reed crafts another gripping and fast-paced crime-and-intelligence thriller."
" A well crafted, fast-paced action thriller blending detective, espionage, and political genres."

"...strong pacing and clever revelations."

Read the full review here:

Best Thrillers (Bella Wright)

"...a high-octane plot with regular doses of levity."
it’s easy to imagine Simon Pegg or Brad Pitt playing the leads in a cinematic version."

"...Let’s hope Clifford’s War will be coming soon to a streaming service near you."

Read the full review here:
Best Thrillers

Clifford's War Without End, Action thriller Novel, Dee, Bailey, Sara, Dan


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