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Best selling novel Clifford's War: Bluegrass Battleground

Sounds great, doesn't it!

If you haven't heard already, my debut novel, Clifford's War: The Bluegrass Battleground hit the Amazon best sellers list for Assassination Thrillers, Noir Crime, and humorous fiction!

I could barely believe it myself.

It's truly an honor for me to be able to share this story with the world. All I want to do is entertain and inspire others. Hopefully with the success of the first book, others will start to gain interest and I will be able to help inspire others to create something special.

Now that Bluegrass Battleground is a "best seller" on Amazon, show some love to the sequel. 😉

Remember to leave reviews and refer the books to friends.

You are trusted, and your word means more to others than any advertisement I could buy.

Thank you to all the friends and family that have already recommended the books. Thank you to all who have left reviews. Thank you all who have stood in my corner and encouraged me to keep going. Thank you all.

I do all of this for you.


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