I am happy to FINALLY release the cover art and synopsis of my continuation of the Clifford's War series: WITHOUT END!

This story continues in the DC metro area, and things get dicey!

Clifford thought that life as a DC Private Investigator would be easy...but he was wrong! Without further ado:

In this action-packed, twisty, and fast-paced continuation of the PI Clifford Dee thriller series, private investigator Clifford Dee is back with his team, this time in Northern Virginia, working with his former Army Rangers commander, Doyle Hamilton, in Washington D.C. After a U.S. Senator was murdered, Doyle was chosen to run in a special election to fill his office. To qualify, he must step down from his army command and decides to hand the division over to a former military rival of Clifford’s, Kevin Burr, who shuts Clifford out from work out of spite.

While his teammate, Bailey, takes on a minor copyright case involving a budding rap star, they uncover connections between a government department that Burr used to run and another famous rap artist, Dark Fenix, who was about to tour overseas as a cover to smuggle weapons into Africa for Burr. Things worsen when he also finds a connection between Burr and a ring of assassins for hire. Clifford discloses this information to Doyle, making things worse, and Clifford’s team is targeted. He must now work with Special Agent Sims of the FBI to continue investigating the weapons dealing, find who is running the assassins, and dig up evidence to incriminate Burr…all without getting killed. Clifford's team gets Dark Fenix’s Africa tour canceled, and Burr is in the hot-seat because he cannot deliver the weapons to the African warlords as promised. Stretched too thin, Burr finds himself in a deadly bind.

Clifford and Sims take on the assassins, resulting in one of them ending up in the hospital and an office fire being set to cover up evidence. More assassins are sent to finish the job, which turns into an all-out brawl, but they manage to escape. The assassins’ leader gets the drop on the team and plans to force Clifford to watch his team die, one by one. This time there doesn’t seem to be any escape…

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