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My New Quest: (Poem)

I look inward with a long stare.

The ship is worn past repair.

Life support is running low. It's almost time - time to go.

Auxiliary engines are failed. The mothership has been hailed. Captain's log - this is my last submission. I will soon be giving my last transmission. I will be gone - taken away. The rescue ship is on the way. I reach my hand to take theirs in mine, as my vessel expires, they're just in time. Pulled through the universe - I fly. My suit grows cold - I die. My crew, upset, and they weep. Placing flowers by my feet. My comms are down, but I watch on. They celebrate my memory - now I'm gone. It's sad to watch them as they cry. I know they hate to say goodbye. I must continue - my new quest. To prepare the afterlife for the rest.

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