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Out Of Luck: (Poem)

I need to take a break from taking breaks.

My spilled beans sold like hot cakes. My mind is overflowing with thoughts underwhelming. The sweet nothings in my ear came across as yelling. I have two left feet and two right shoes. Someone left the context out of my context clues. I'm never late when never is better than ever. It's always sunny when I'm under the weather. A dime a dozen costs me a dozen dimes. I bought two watches - still ran out of time. I wanted to wrap my head around the wrap around my head. But some things unsaid are better left when they're said. I got a nuclear winter wishing for a cool breeze, and I lost the forest - including the trees. I kept an ear to the ground to listen to my heart. It already began when They said don't - let's start. I took the whole nine yards with a pinch of salt. I chewed more than I bit off, and it's all my fault. I lost my feeling because I'm out of touch. I caught my lucky break when I was out of luck.

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