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Poem: It's Far Too Late (by J.Denison Reed)

It's far too late to mend the fences.

I'm clawing at my face to let the pain out.

The drippings from the wound cleanses.

I'm digging deeper inside to reach the shame now.

My wish of nothing left to lose.

It's hitting again, the dark pit of emptiness.

Where the tar meets the light is where it shines.

Nothing is the only feeling of my hopefulness.

It's making my happiness resign.

My hope is gone too.

My inner child is poisoned by my shame.

My fake parade of achievement, exposed.

I stand naked in nothing but blame.

There 's nothing in my hands to hold.

Happiness is a light too dim.

Grit and determination is damned.

It's a tool of desperation.

My mind and soul, unmanned.

Nothing left but self-alteration.

My sorrow is left within.

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