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POEM: The Greatest Liar

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

She lies, She lies! Believe me, for she lies!

I am great, I am true, I never lie to you.

Look at that guy he's just mad he isn't me.

Can't you see?

They Lie, they all lie, but not me.

She's mad and She lies!

I am true, just like you. I am true.

I don't lie, just ask that guy.

What'd he say? He's a liar anyway!

He lies, he lies, just look in his eyes.

Not like me, I don't lie. Believe me, I'm true.

I am true just like you. What'd you say? You are a liar today! You lied today and yesterday and every day. I heard what you said, and to me you are dead! You believed those lies in your head. You lie, you lie, not like me, you lie, can't you see? No one can tell the truth like me. You can't see how hard it is to be me. I don't lie, I am true. All the time true. Not like you, You lie, You lie all the time.

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